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Greg Dodge is a professional naturalist as well as a writer, videographer and producer of natural history DVDs. His images have been used in various TV productions, museum displays, and corporate videos. Above all, he has a fascination and passion for all things natural.
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I’m excited, are you?

March 14th, 2013

Mourning Cloaks, Groundhogs, more turtles, a bullfrog, and finally, Pickerel Frogs!

Are you ready for some pictures?

The cloak…

One of several Mourning Cloaks seen during the past few days in Explore the Wild. This one clings to the wall of the vending area.

The hog…

The second Groundhog seen this month was down in Explore the Wild on the north side of the Wetlands.

The turtles…

They’re stacking up on the rocks. The recent rain and subsequent high water has covered many of the other basking perches in the Wetlands.

A bullfrog…

This is the first bullfrog so far this month.

And the Pickerel Frogs, lots of them…









Sorry for getting carried away with the Pickerel Frogs, I’ve been waiting so long for them and at last, they’re here!

I heard at least one Southern Leopard Frog today (3/13) but was not able to locate it in order take its portrait, maybe tomorrow.


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  1. I am sooo excited also! I saw 5 butterflies last weekend while driving around the countryside. One, orange-red in color was high in a fruit tree. I was unable to identify any at the distance but was I was thrilled to see some signs of spring.

    Posted by judy Overby
  2. Ranger Comment :

    So far this year I’ve seen Mourning Cloak, Cloudless Sulphur, Cabbage White, and one of the anglewings, not sure if it was a Question Mark or a Comma. Falcate Orangtip should be flying soon, Spring Azure and American Snout too!

    Posted by Greg Dodge
  3. I think Henry, the Carolina Wildlife woodchuck is jealous of that ones tail

    Posted by Jill
  4. Ranger Comment :

    And well he should, that’s a handsome chuck there.

    Posted by Greg Dodge

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