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Greg Dodge is a professional naturalist as well as a writer, videographer and producer of natural history DVDs. His images have been used in various TV productions, museum displays, and corporate videos. Above all, he has a fascination and passion for all things natural.
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Bluebird Update 3.26.13

March 27th, 2013

One of our nests has four bluebirds eggs.

As you can see in the above photo one our bluebird nests has eggs. We’ll have to wait to see if the female lays more eggs or starts incubating right away. I didn’t see a bird in the vicinity when I inspected the box so maybe she intends to add to the clutch. In other words, she wasn’t incubating when I inspected the box on Tuesday (3/26) and they typically don’t start incubating until all the eggs are laid, so there may be more to come.

The nest that was started by a chickadee in the nest box over near the Picnic Dome is moving right along, the birds have added various fur items. I don’t see anything that might be from our farmyard though, alpaca fur would be a nice addition to the nest.

Chickadee nest near Picnic Dome. What, no alpaca fur!?

The nest in the Cow Pasture near the Train Tunnel has apparently been taken over by chickadees, moss has been added over the pine needles that were placed there originally.

Have chickadees chased out the bluebirds, or did the bluebirds simply quit, the chickadees moving in after they vacated the premises?

Elsewhere, there are still no eggs in the Butterfly Nest although the nest itself is complete. The nest next to Take Off which was empty last week is still empty, as is the nest behind the Sail Boat Pond.

So, to sum up, we have two nest boxes that are empty, no nest material. We have 4 nests with nest material in them, one of which contains 4 eggs. And, two of the four nest boxes that contain nesting material look to be chickadee nests, the other two are definitely bluebirds.

See you next week!

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