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Bluebird Update 5.28.13

May 29th, 2013

Last week we had three active nests and three empty nest boxes. Now, there are four active nests. Only the nests at the Cow Pasture and Picnic Dome are unoccupied.

The nest at the Bungee Jump still has the same four eggs as it did last week at this time, but it appears as though the female is incubating. I saw the female poke her head out of the box on Saturday (5/25) and just as quickly go back inside.

These four eggs in the nest at the Bungee Jump will probably hatch by next week’s inspection of the nest boxes (5/18/13).

The three chickadee nestlings in the nest behind the Sail Boat Pond seem to be progressing well. One egg never hatched and is still in the nest.

Although one egg never hatched these three chickadee nestlings seem to be doing well at the Sail Boat Pond (5/28/13).

As I knocked on the nest box in the Amphimeadow (I always knock before entering) the female flushed from the box, she was incubating. This nest will be full of nestlings by next week.

The eggs in this nest at the Amphimeadow will probably hatch by next week (5/28/13).

As I mentioned, the nest at the Picnic Dome is unoccupied, no activity.

Empty last week, the nest box at the Butterfly House now has a new bluebird nest in place and one egg. I expect that there will be more eggs by next week.

Do eggs get lonely? This one looks the part (5/28/13).

So, we now have two nest boxes with no activity and four containing nests. There are a total of 10 bluebird eggs in those boxes, 4 in one, 5 in another, and to round it off, one in the box at the Butterfly House. There are currently three nestlings, all chickadees, in the box at the Sail Boat Pond.


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