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Greg Dodge is a professional naturalist as well as a writer, videographer and producer of natural history DVDs. His images have been used in various TV productions, museum displays, and corporate videos. Above all, he has a fascination and passion for all things natural.
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Eggs Hatch!

July 18th, 2013

Things can change quickly in the wild. This morning, I posted about the heron nests in the Wetlands and how one nest had what looked like three eggs. Since then, and twenty-one days from the day that I first noticed eggs in that nest (NS1), at least one of the eggs has hatched.

With her wings dropped to her sides, this heron shields her hatchling(s) from the intense sun in the Wetlands.

While walking past the nest, I noticed a change in posture of the sitting heron, it was now standing at the nest consistently looking down into the nest. Through the viewfinder of my camera, and later with binoculars, I could just make out something small, gray, and unsteady bobbing and weaving beneath the adult bird, a nestling. I wish that I could get closer!

I will keep you posted.

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  1. AAAWWWWW! How wonderful!

    Posted by Wendy
  2. WOW! So exciting! (Egg-citing?!)
    Can’t wait for the next post!

    Posted by Michele

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