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Greg Dodge is a professional naturalist as well as a writer, videographer and producer of natural history DVDs. His images have been used in various TV productions, museum displays, and corporate videos. Above all, he has a fascination and passion for all things natural.
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September 20th, 2013

We all know that possums, or o’possums if you like, share the land with us. Whether it’s the tracks in the mud along the creek, the overturned garbage cans behind the house, or their bright red eyeshine in our headlights as we drive down the road at night, we know they’re out there shuffling around in the dark.

But, we don’t often see them out and about during the daylight hours. Today, one apparently young possum was caught out in the diurnal world of us humans in a Tulip Poplar here at the Museum. The possum seemed to be eating something on a large branch some twenty feet distance from the boardwalk, just at the top of the boardwalk leading into Explore the Wild. Many school groups got excellent looks at the little marsupial.

Here’s some photos.

The possum looks down at all of the people staring at it from the boardwalk.

The possum was easily seen from both the boardwalk and the main path leading to Catch the Wind.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Apparently looking for a place to settle for the day, the animal climbed higher in the tree.

Having no luck finding quarters out on the limb, the possum came back down the branch and decided to climb a vine.

When last seen it looked to be settling down in a crotch formed by two main trunks and a large branch.

Have a good rest possum!


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  1. Excellent. Those ears deserved to be backlit by the sun as shown.

    Posted by Wendy

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