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Spotlight: Debbie Vanderford, DVM

January 31st, 2008

Dr. Debbie Vanderford has been a veterinarian for the Museum for almost 11 years. You can’t really see her under the mask, but she’s getting urine from one of our red ruffed lemurs during its physcial last year. (That’s Katy with her but I’ll tell you more about her in next month’s Spotlight).

When Dr. V. started with the Museum she was a veterinarian at a veterinary office in Durham. Then she began her own mobile veterinary practice. She did all this while being the Museum’s veterinairan and raising a family with 4 kids. She’s amazing.

Currently, she’s a Compliance Liaison at the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance at Duke University. Bascially, she makes sure that animals at the univeristy are cared for according to best standards. She also is the veterinarian who takes care of our lemurs (and other animals need be).

As with our other veterinarians, she’s not in this for the money. She loves helping us make sure we are caring for our lemurs as well as we can. And again, as with our other veterinarians, a BIG THANKS goes out to her for all she does for us.

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  1. hi sherry and dr debbie………..miss you all hope everyone is doing well

    Posted by Amanda O'Tuel
  2. Director Comment :

    You too Amanda!!

    Posted by Sherry Samuels

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