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In Memory of…

March 5th, 2008

It has been really special for me to read the supportive comments from people on the post I wrote about the decision to euthanize red wolf #1389. It’s so nice to hear from the community of regular Museum visitors and blog readers, especially during difficult times.

Several people have inquired about ways to honor our Museum animal-friends who have died. Below is a list of ways, whether that be financially or otherwise, that you could let us know you care:

  • make comments on the “comment” section on the blog, as many of you have been doing.
  • when you visit the Museum, get a “tell us what you think” card at the admission desk and write down your regards, thoughts, condolences, or whatever else you might want to share.
  • send us your comments or photos, or draw us a picture. The Keepers would love to have your fun memories or photos of the animals they spend their time caring for.
  • you can send us a donation: In the memo line of the check write “in memory of…”. All donations will be earmarked for the “Animal Care Fund”
  • If you’d rather donate directly on our website, click here, and let us know which animal you are donating on behalf of.
  • Some people might want to buy a brick (on our future dinosaur trail) and have the name red wolf #1389, Mr. Moosteer, or any of our animals that are special to you engraved on the brick.

Thanks to all of you who support us (the keepers, the animals, and the Museum) through hard times and fun times. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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  1. I really enjoy hearing comments and stories from our visitors about their experiences with our animals, but I love the idea of drawings or photos!

    Posted by Marilyn

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