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Biggest Bummer for Bloggies

June 23rd, 2010

I have very sad news for our faithful readers. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Larry and Erin will be leaving their jobs at the Museum. They are heading off for wonderful new adventures, which is great for them, but will leave a big void in our animal keeping and blogging world.

I am sure each of them will write farewell posts, I hope each of them will occasionally write a guest post, and  I know each of them will continue to check in and comment on our Blog.

Please share stories or warm wishes in the comment section. We’ll all miss both of them tremendously.

Do you want to know what Erin is about to do?

Larry, with volunteer Annie and Little, our chicken.

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  1. Keeper Comment :

    Hint: You do not want to know what I’m about to do. If more than 5 non-animal department people ask, then I WILL tell you and there WILL be pictures and you do NOT want pictures.

    Posted by Erin Brown

    Posted by jebrown
  3. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW NOW! now now now!!

    Posted by Stacey
  4. Keeper Comment :

    Hint: I’m unwrapping a needle, and it’s not for something animal related. And I’m wearing gloves. Enter at your own risk.

    Posted by Erin Brown
  5. Awe, that is a bummer. Best if luck, Larry and Erin, on your future adventures!

    Posted by Kristen
  6. Erin and Larry, I hope your new adventures are great and wonderful. I enjoyed working with both of you and will miss you on my visits.


    Posted by Mike Fink

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