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I've been at the Museum sooooo long - longer than many of our interns have been alive. I do a little bit of everything as part of my job: care for the animals, work with the keepers and other staff, spend time with guests. Lucky me!
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QuikPost: Headshot

March 13th, 2011

I walked by Mudsy and Water snake’s tank the other day and saw them both at the same time, easily. I thought I would share my photo. SeeĀ a video of the water snake eating - Marilyn shared it with you in February.

water snake and Mudsy.

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  1. Are those Venus fly-traps in there as well?

    Posted by Wendy
  2. Director Comment :

    They are, and they aren’t Wendy. (plastic venus fly traps).

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  3. Glad to see those two are still living the good life!

    Posted by LarrvB

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