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I like volunteering to work with the animals and the Keepers (both are quite exciting and entertaining). I speak several languages including chicken. In another life I teach physics, but mostly I just love to learn (anything!) and be outdoors. When not volunteering I like to watch the bears and photograph around Explore the Wild. Follow me on Twitter @ktraphagen

Quik Pic: Photo with new Blue Jay

March 20th, 2011

Animal Keeper Sarah holding new education bird Jaybird (he's a blue jay!). Can you see the tiny alymeries (leather anklets) and jesses (these are harder to see here, they are threaded through the eyelets in the alymeries and are about an inch long) on his legs?

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  1. Glad to see Jay is out of quarantine. Are he and Chicken chatting with each other?

    Posted by Kristen
  2. Volunteer Comment :

    I think Chicken and Jay are still working on the language barrier, but I have no doubt they will soon be fluent in each other’s language.

    Posted by Karyn Traphagen
  3. Director Comment :

    Love the photo Karyn!
    The alymeries and jesses are homemade by Courtney. She made them herself because no one makes teeny tiny sets!

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  4. Jaybird….you look great. Sure miss your loud screams around here.

    Posted by Randy
  5. Hi! I volunteer at Alaska Wildbird Rehabilitation Center in Alaska and I caretake a blue jay. We made alymeries but they’re way too big for him – too cumbersome. Can you tell me who made the jesses for this handsome Jay? They look much more comfortable than the ones I’m using. Thanks! Nancy

    Posted by Nancy Podgorski
  6. Director Comment :

    Hi Nancy- we made the alymeries, as there was nothing pre-made that was small enough. Actually, one of our educators made the alymeries. I’ll contact Courtney so we can send you the instructions.

    Posted by Sherry Samuels

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