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I'm extremely excited to be working at the Museum since October 2010. My favorite part of this job- besides working with the animals- is listening to all of the Keeper stories, I hear a new one each day. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, belly dancing, and vegan cooking.
I work Sunday through Thursday. I can be found mostly behind the scenes or training the Ring Tail Lemurs.

Education Holding Room

August 17th, 2011

Back on the Animal Support Hall we have an entire room of animals for education purposes which we call the EHR. The animals in the Education Holding Room are taken out by Museum Educators for special events, birthday parties, even trips to local schools.

Degu parents- Florencia and Luis

Silkie Chicken

Mason, Ladybelle, and Dixie enjoying their playtime

Mr. Jay Bird after a morning bath

Pepper the Chinchilla

Bugsy our silly rabbit

Jessica Opossum, notice her huge soft bed in the background

Baby the Spotted Salamander

Gordon the Crested Gecko

Tiger the... you guessed it... tiger salamander


Tons of enrichment for the animals- also located in EHR

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  1. All the EHR animals are so adorable but I am wondering what Jessica Oposum is dreaming about!!!!

    Posted by DJ
  2. Keeper Comment :

    They really are. I often wonder about Jessica as well and the ferrets too- they get into the best sleeping positions.

    Posted by Kimberly Lawson

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