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For shame…!

February 14th, 2012

So my friend Katy is another keeper here who specializes in the Veterinary aspects of our collection.  She does the majority of her work through our vet room and making sure everyone stays healthy (animal wise, at least).  But sometimes when we are a little short handed, she jumps right in and lends a hand to help clean exhibits or anything else that needs to be done.  Unfortunately, in the excitement of cleaning an exhibit and scrubbing poo off of things she sometimes can get a little distracted and make a slight error…


I mean, really!  Who throws away a perfectly good opossum?!  :)  On the other hand, Einstein (that would be the opossum in the trash) is probably pretty disappointed that it’s not a real trash bin with lots of yummy leftovers to pick through.

Nope. He doesn't look guilty at all!

We may have to watch out… if Max comes up missing, I know who my money is on!  :)


Disclaimer: Please don’t hurt me Katy, I’m just kidding!  :)

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