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March 12th, 2012

At the end of the day on Thursday I was discussing a leaking pipe with some keepers and drawing on the board to try to get a visual. Let’s just say my drawing skills are poor-at-best. One of the keepers then says to me can you draw us walking out the door and going home.

Below is my drawing of the three keepers heading home. Do you want to guess which three they are (in order, left to right?)  (this drawing is not edited nor touched up, as tempting as it was to re-draw or make changes, no such actions occurred).


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  1. I’m guessing Kent, Kimberly and Aaron but I didn’t think they all lived together and I’m pretty sure none of them live in a cardboard box.

    Posted by leslie
  2. I’m going with Kent, Kimberly, and Marilyn.

    Posted by sarah
  3. I’m guessing Kent (hat), Kimberly (shortest of the three, with long flowing hair), and Marilyn (tall with a little bit of hair). Not sure if those circles around the eyes are glasses, but that qualifies them too, if those circles are indeed glasses.

    Posted by Ranger Greg
  4. I agree with Sarah and Ranger Greg

    Posted by Katy
  5. Well I know it’s not me or Jill, since we were closing that day and got to see the picture when we came back in from Explore the Wild! :)

    Posted by Mikey
  6. Director Comment :

    Yes Greg, those circles are glasses.
    Yes Leslie, the keepers live in cardboard boxes: Kent, Kimberly, and Marilyn share one!

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  7. Why do they live in cardboard? I thought they all lived in houses!!:)

    Posted by Gabriella

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