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I've been at the Museum sooooo long - longer than many of our interns have been alive. I do a little bit of everything as part of my job: care for the animals, work with the keepers and other staff, spend time with guests. Lucky me!
I spend a lot of time behind-the-scenes, or here after hours, but if you really want to see me, you'll have to sign-up for a behind-the-scenes program.

October is here- an evening with the wolves is upon us

October 1st, 2012

October brings all sorts of nice things. Halloween, cooler weather, a new fiscal year, Pumpkin Patch Express, and a bunch of wolf stuff. 


October is when our wolves get their annual physicals and when wolf transfers tend to occur. Before our male wolf heads off to his new home, we’ll celebrate Wolf Awareness Week (October 14th-20th). We’ll be doing programs down at the wolf exhibit daily at 2 PM, but our special event is in the evening.  On October 17th you can join us for our Evening with Wolves.

Sign up now for this event. Space is limited. You can learn about the wolf transfers and get a last look at our male before he heads out to a new “zoo” the following week.



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  1. Wolf Howl is a super fun night!

    Posted by kimberly
  2. Wonderful…..

    Posted by islandladybug

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