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I've been working with the museum since 2009 as a Behavior Management Consultant. I work with keepers and staff to gain the voluntary cooperation of the animals in their own care through operant conditioning.
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A Training Quiz!

November 14th, 2012

In the tradition of Sherry’s quiz about her trip with Aaron, I’m posting a quiz about our training program here at the museum.  Answers to follow in a few days!

1. Which animal are we currently training to get voluntarily into a trailer, just in case they need to be transported to the vet?

a) Auggie

b) Lightning

c) Gus

d) Chummix


2. Craisins are the favorite training treat for which animal?

a) goats

b) lemurs

c) black bears

d) donkey


3. Which animal recently made a break through in their crate training, going all the way into their crate for the first time?

a) Max

b) Yona

c) Auggie

d) Miss Piggy


4.  Which animals are station training to stumps in their exhibit?

a) lemurs

b) alpacas

c) bears

d) pigs


5. Which animals are not involved in the training program because of their involvement in a reintroduction program for an endangered species?

a) lemurs

b) wolf

c) bears

d) alligators


6. Who recently added mango to their list of favorite reinforcers?

a) Max Steer

b) Cassandra Lemur

c) Lightning Donkey

d) Yona Bear


7. How long ago did the museum start their behavior management program?

a) 6 months

b) 1 year

c) 3 years

d) 10 years


8. Which staff member is involved in a training program to increase their tolerance for random hugs?

a) Sherry

b) Julie

c) Marilyn

d) Kent

Join the conversation:

  1. 1-Chummix
    2- lemurs
    3- miss piggy
    6- max
    7- 3years
    8- sherry

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  2. 1. Lightning
    2. lemurs
    3. Miss Piggy
    4. bears
    5. wolf
    6. Max
    7. 3 years
    8. Kent

    Posted by Leslie
  3. Director Comment :

    I’m disappointed Ro- I am fairly tolerant of hugs- even welcoming them at times.
    (There are two keepers though who cannot handle being hugged).

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  4. Ok well I know it’s not Marilyn. So Kent or maybe Julie called herself out.

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  5. You know me well Ro! I love hugs!

    Posted by Marilyn
  6. Nope, not me! I’m a hugger! (So I guess we know the answer to that one…) :)

    Posted by Julie
  7. #8 – he is being forced into this training program!!!! My heart goes out to you Kent!!!!!

    Posted by Katy
  8. What were the final answers?

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  9. Behavior Consultant Comment :

    Answers to the Training Quiz:

    1. Lightning
    2. lemurs
    3. Miss Piggy
    4. bears
    5. wolf
    6. Max
    7. 3 years
    8. Kent

    Congratulations to Leslie, who got them all correct! Thanks to everyone for playing!

    Posted by Julie Grimes

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