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I've been at the museum since 2010. I love to read and learn; it's rare that a day goes by at work when I'm not suppressing the urge to spew out something cool I just learned to my coworkers. In my spare time, I play the 'cello, snuggle my dog and reminisce about snowmen and Nor'easters.
I work Sunday through Thursday. You can find me raking the Farmyard in the morning or training the donkey and dwarf goats in the afternoon.

Concurrent Accession

December 31st, 2012

“Accession” is a word the zoological world uses to mean, “adding to.” It’s the term applied to newly acquired individuals to a museum/zoo/aquarium’s collection. We don’t have a large turnover in our collection at the museum. Every year we lose some animals due to old age, health problems, or transfers to other institutions and we gain a couple, but our collection stays at about the same number.

Because we don’t take in new animals very often, I found it interesting to learn that the animal keepers here each have a sort of “buddy animal” that joined the animal department at roughly the same time they did.

Sherry Ursula

Sherry and Ursula (Fall 1991)

Kent American Robin

Kent (Summer 1996) and 2 American Robins (Winter 1997)

Marilyn Chummix

Marilyn and Chummix (Fall 2003)

Katy Virginia

Katy and Virginia (Spring 2005)

Jill Scout

Jill and Scout (Fall 2005)

Sarah Robin Owl

Me and Robin Owl (Summer 2010)

Kimberly Ladybelle

Kimberly and Ladybelle (Fall 2010)

Aaron Jaybird

Aaron and Jaybird (Spring 2011)

Jessi Pines

Jessi and the baby Pine Snakes (Summer 2012)

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  1. Director Comment :

    I love this post Sarah!
    FYI- Ursula and I arrived at the Museum in the Fall 1991.

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  2. Great post, I love that Marilyn looks like she’s about to attack Chummix

    Posted by Kimberly
  3. Keeper Comment :

    All fixed, thanks!

    Posted by Sarah Van de Berg
  4. 2013 for me is about enjoying the ‘moment’ whether that moment is truly a moment or a whole day long; “smell the roses” so-to-speak.

    Posted by Laura H
  5. Keeper Comment :

    Very cool Sarah! I’m really pleased that my buddy animal is Chummix because I really love that goat and I enjoyed being his trainer.

    Posted by Marilyn Johnson

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