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I graduated from NCSU(go pack) and have worked in the animal department for about 8 years. Some of my favorites include ferrets and birds. I am also known for my weird obsession with Boba Fett.
I work Tuesday-Saturday in either the Farmyard or inside the main building behind the scenes.

Henry & Galileo’s Super Bowl Prediction- 2013

February 2nd, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers go head to head with the Baltimore Ravens, so who is our woodchuck and opossum rooting for?


A few years ago Henry was right 

Last year we had a snafu with the video and Henry chose incorrectly, but Galileo was right.

Watch the video below to see who Henry and Galileo chose

YouTube Preview Image




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  1. I have to agree with Henry even though he dislikes me…go 49er’s!

    Posted by Aaron
  2. I didn’t really care who won since the Steelers weren’t playing but this was fun to watch. Thanks to Henry, Galileo and the Animal Keepers!

    Posted by Shawntel
  3. Maybe Henry has a future in Vegas? My money is with Henry.

    Posted by Lew
  4. Opossums Rule!!! Woodchucks Drool !!!

    Posted by Katy

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