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Wolf Update

March 12th, 2013

our two wolves, male 1414 and female 1287, encased in a hopefully love-match.

 In 5-6 weeks I hope to be writing about WOLF PUPPIES.

Ranger Greg has been blogging and tweeting about what he’s seen our wolves up to. We certainly hope it’s about puppy-making. We won’t know for sure until we actually see pups since the past two years our female has gone through pseudopregnancies. We have a new male this breeding season, so with 1414 we’re hoping for some renewed hope of actual pups.

Every summer I go to the Red Wolf SSP master plan meeting. I didn’t write about this past summer’s meeting, but did take a photo of our new pair of wolves as drawn during the meeting. You also heard about our shipping out of our former male wolf (1369), including a detailed quiz about my 16 hour drive with Aaron to get 1369 to the airport in Atlanta for his trip out to WA.

Our former wolf, 1369, is doing fine out in Tacoma. I learned he sits outside the den while his new “girlfriend” sits inside the den. He was seen “snuggling” next to her during breeding season. The folks at Tacoma are going to catch him up this week and collect semen on him. (We are not sure if he is able to make pups…understand?)

So, hopefully we’ll have wonderful little additions to blog about in April.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Wolf pups would be such a great thing for the red wolf captive population and for the species as a whole. I’m very excited to keep up with your blogs and to see what comes of this.

    Posted by Casey Sweet

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