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Another Difficult Goodbye: You’ll be missed Chummix

April 15th, 2013

We started the blog over 5 years ago. Our goal was to bring you into the life of a Keeper at the Museum. Death is a part of life. Some animals die on their own, others are euthanized. In fact our very first blog post was about saying goodbye to Moo.

As we’ve written previously, some days are tough and some days suck. Today has been one of those days. I’ve written in the past year about Chummix  and his “old goat disease“. We’ve been monitoring him and the keepers have been working hard to keep him eating. This past week it was determined that it was time to euthanize him.


Chummix will be missed by keepers, guests, staff, volunteers, and likely by Max. I’ve already received condolences from several staff members and friends. For those folks who especially cared about Chummix, my condolences go out to you as well. We’re often asked, “what can I do?”. (A few years back I wrote some suggestions- click here for ideas).

it’s hard to remember that Chummix was once bigger than Max!










Below are links to some of my favorite blog posts about Chummix.

Chummix and successful training

“Chummix’s” New Year’s Resolutions  (Resolution # 2)

Chummix’s flehmen’s response

Chummix in the rabbit pen


Chummix would always head butt things when I was around- ALWAYS. I think this is how I will always remember him.


Join the conversation:

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Chummix was awesome.

    Posted by Leslie
  2. He was the first animal that injured me so that I had to go to the dr!
    While Chummix and I didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things , I will certainly miss him

    Posted by Jill
  3. I always looked forward to seeing Chum on my daily walks. He will certainly be missed.

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  4. RIP Chummix. We’ll miss you and your crazy eyes.

    Posted by Rhiannon
  5. A sad time, but comforted knowing that Chummix had good, long life with such a great team looking after him. Thanks to all of the keepers for the care you give to all of the critters that live at the Museum. Thinking of you all.

    Posted by Janet

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