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QuikPic: Gecko’s old skin

May 12th, 2013

One of our Educators, Molly, Caught this photo of Gordon shedding:

out with the old (skin)… in with the new.

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  1. She ate the skin too which a lot of geckos do.
    I made sure to look for it the next morning and it was all gone

    Posted by Jill
  2. Wow!! How often and why does Gordon shed her skin? And how long does it take for the entire shedding process?

    Posted by dj
  3. That’s impressive!

    Posted by Wendy
  4. Depending if its still growing it will shed more but usually every few months
    However, we dont really know because like I said a lot of the geckos eat their skin
    I noticed the day before though she was a different color then usual so that was one hint

    Posted by Jill

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