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I've been at the Museum sooooo long - longer than many of our interns have been alive. I do a little bit of everything as part of my job: care for the animals, work with the keepers and other staff, spend time with guests. Lucky me!
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What’s Happening Here

May 30th, 2013

It’s another post with a drawing:


#1- Who drew the picture

#2- What animal is drawn (and how do you know… or why did you guess…)

#3- What’s happening

Join the conversation:

  1. It’s got to be a bear, even though the head looks more like an alpaca – I can tell by the big paws and tiny tail. And it looks like a tranquilizer dart on its back. Not sure about the small black elliptical mark right next to the dart…hope it’s not a tick…

    Posted by Wendy
  2. Director Comment :

    WENDY- who drew the picture?

    to be fair: I drew the “dart” in the animal’s back because I thought the small black dot was drawn inaccurately.
    Regardless, neither represent a ‘dart’ or a ‘tick’

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  3. First guess was alpaca and you were going to look at Equinox’s grey spot on her back. But you have Jessi here who isn’t a farmyard keeper and Dr.V who I think does the bear care. So maybe bears and you are gang hem acupuncture ;)

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  4. * giving them.

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  5. Thought it was a horse at first, but with Jessi’s name there it’s got to be a bear. Sherry drew it, I think it’s of Gus and that slash mark is his dread?
    I already know what’s happening from ETW meetings, so I won’t guess that part

    Posted by Kimberly

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