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I'm extremely excited to be working at the Museum since October 2010. My favorite part of this job- besides working with the animals- is listening to all of the Keeper stories, I hear a new one each day. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, belly dancing, and vegan cooking.
I work Sunday through Thursday. I can be found mostly behind the scenes or training the Ring Tail Lemurs.

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  1. Soooo….cute!!!

    Posted by dj
  2. Very cute picture of this Virginia bear. Is it common for bears to have this strip of white hair?

    Posted by Corey Smith
  3. Corey,
    Bears coats can vary quite alot. Virginia happens to have a perfect V, Mimi has two stripes on her chest that don’t connect and Yona has just a little white patch. Gus doesn’t have any white on his chest. The color of their coats can vary a great deal.
    Check out this post about their various color shades

    Posted by kimberly
  4. Hello,

    I will be moving to the Durham area in August 2013 and I am interested in volunteering with the animals at the museum. I am 2012 UNC alumna who is working towards applying to vet school. I have thousands of veterinarian hours, hundreds of hours caring for giant tortoises, and 5 hours performing a whale necropsy.

    Please keep me informed as to when I would be able to volunteer.

    Thank you.

    My phone number, for quicker access, is 252-767-6632.

    Posted by Samantha Gordon
  5. Hi Samantha
    You can go to this site for more information on volunteering for the museum.

    Posted by Kimberly

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