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I graduated from NCSU(go pack) and have worked in the animal department for about 8 years. Some of my favorites include ferrets and birds. I am also known for my weird obsession with Boba Fett.
I work Tuesday-Saturday in either the Farmyard or inside the main building behind the scenes.

It belongs to…

June 12th, 2013

So a couple days ago I posted the mystery poop

Yes, Auggie was the creator and although I didn’t train him to make it sit upright when I found it, I was very proud.

An interesting fact is that pigs can be trained to relieve themselves in one spot. They can have a very big “litter box” inside a home.


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  1. good work Auggie! Exceptional find Jill

    Posted by mattS
  2. Keeper Comment :

    Thank you!

    Posted by Jill Brown

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