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Where Are the Babies Hidden?

July 14th, 2013

This nest of Carolina Wrens (CAWR) is the third we’ve had in the Farmyard this year –that we knew about, anyway–. Mom and Dad wrens have been very protective of their three youngsters, but now that the babies are a little bigger, I managed to sneak a peak at the little ones without being crashed into by a grumpy parent.

Look closely, can you see them?

All feathered and nearly ready to fly!

Normally our CAWR nests are well hidden up in the rafters of the barns. This one, however, is my favorite of the season. Can you guess where it is? Post your ideas in the comment section, I’ll post the answer as soon as the babies fledge!

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  1. In a bucket of cleaning supplies?

    Posted by Janell
  2. This is a great game, Sarah! (and great post). I won’t give it away…

    Posted by Michele
  3. Keeper Comment :

    It is a bucket with a brush, but WHERE the bucket is located is really the question.

    Posted by Sarah Van de Berg
  4. Bucket from the Keepers/Supply building in the barnyard?

    Posted by Hans
  5. I had a bird’s nest at my place inside an open bag of potting soil! Is it is a feed bag or a bucket?

    Posted by Giovanna
  6. Oops, didn’t see the above comments. Is the bucket in a stall with the animals?

    Posted by Giovanna
  7. Keeper Comment :

    The bucket/brush is not in a stall or even in a building! The answer will be posted soon, keep an eye on the blog!

    Posted by Sarah Van de Berg

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