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I've been at the museum since 2010. I love to read and learn; it's rare that a day goes by at work when I'm not suppressing the urge to spew out something cool I just learned to my coworkers. In my spare time, I play the 'cello, snuggle my dog and reminisce about snowmen and Nor'easters.
I work Sunday through Thursday. You can find me raking the Farmyard in the morning or training the donkey and dwarf goats in the afternoon.

QuikPic: Resting Gators

August 9th, 2013

I was cleaning the Carolina Wildlife glass recently and caught a couple of our American Alligators in my favorite “just hanging out” pose.

Tim says, “Hi!”


I love how they leave just their eyes and nostrils above water


You’d never know how big (or small!) the gators really are with just that little bit of their heads sticking out above the water’s surface!


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