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Old Paperwork

November 6th, 2013

So Debbie May walks into my office holding this box of files:

She says the box has been sitting on her office floor since the Administration Building had to be emptied (maybe over 1 year ago?). I said something smart-aleky like now the box will be sitting on my office floor?  She laughs, but says the carpets are being cleaned and the papers in the box may contain “animal” related paperwork. (So basically yes… the box will now sit on my office floor).

I started to look at the files. I find historical manuals, like this not-so-useful manual from 1979:


But, to give her a little credit, I find a bunch of old permit copies and inspections going back to the 1960s!

this letter was dated before I was born.


this inspection report was from 1990.


I have more to go through still, but it has been interesting so far. THANKS DEBBIE!


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  1. I remember the museum had an outside fenced exhibit of prairie dogs many many years ago…..maybe the dog law manual was for them!!! :)Donna

    Posted by dj

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