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I have been a keeper at the museum since May 2012, but I was an intern back in the spring of 2011. I am very passionate about animals and my favorites are native species with the exception of sloths. In my spare time, I am working on a Bachelor's degree with OSU online in environmental science. I have two dogs, a snake, and a cat.
I work Tuesday through Saturday and you will usually see me somewhere in Explore the Wild. I love giving keeper talks, so hope to see you at 2 pm for our meet the keeper programs in Explore the Wild.

Brr, it’s cold…where are the bears?

January 24th, 2014

Our bear exhibit is large and it can be difficult to spot a bear in normal weather but when it is cold it can be very difficult.  So, where are the bears when it is very cold?

(Below) Yona in her hay bed on top of the cliff, in the background you can see the bear house where another bear likes to spend her time.

(Below) Va in her hay bed on the cliff but it is on the opposite side of the cliff so that she is away from Yona.

(Below)  Sweet Mimi in her stall o’ hay.  She can be rather difficult to get up in the mornings to go outside.

(Below)  Gus has claimed the cave as his own.  In this pic, it is difficult to see him and on most days all you see is either one of his big ears or his rump.



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  1. You have to wake Mimi up in a nice and gentle way or she is very grumpy. I usually say “MiiiiiMiiiiii, wake up, time to get up”. She wont even lift her head up to acknowledge me.

    Posted by Jill

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