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I've been at the Museum sooooo long - longer than many of our interns have been alive. I do a little bit of everything as part of my job: care for the animals, work with the keepers and other staff, spend time with guests. Lucky me!
I spend a lot of time behind-the-scenes, or here after hours, but if you really want to see me, you'll have to sign-up for a behind-the-scenes program.

Pig Barn Building this week.

April 22nd, 2014

the pigs’ yard was torn down and rebuilt- it’s now newer, larger, and set back in the woods. This week they are getting a new barn. The finished product will be in the same theme as the rest of the Farmyard. Initial photos and design are below. Check out the farmyard during construction.

The pigs will be back when the work is complete.


Join the conversation:

  1. What an adorable pig barn!

    Posted by Wendy
  2. Keeper Comment :

    Can’t wait for them to see their new house!!!

    Posted by Katy Harringer
  3. Can we have a pig housewarming party?

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  4. Director Comment :

    What did you have in mind Ro?

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  5. Bring them some snacks, maybe a few decorations like new hay or new enrichment items.

    Posted by Ranger Ro

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