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by , Director
I've been at the Museum sooooo long - longer than many of our interns have been alive. I do a little bit of everything as part of my job: care for the animals, work with the keepers and other staff, spend time with guests. Lucky me!
I spend a lot of time behind-the-scenes, or here after hours, but if you really want to see me, you'll have to sign-up for a behind-the-scenes program.

Spotlight: Jessica Culbertson

November 30th, 2012

Happy 6-month anniversary Jessi! She’s  made it through probation and working her first closed holiday. Jessi is the first Keeper at the Museum who went to school to specifically be a zoo keeper. She also interned with us in spring 2011- read about her from way back then, back when she was a tattoo-less student intern (or at least much-less-tattooed).

She’s quite, thoughtful, diligent, and quite tough. I think she carries three pocket knives on her belt (I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Can Vegans carry three knives at a time?)
Here’s what her co-workers have to say about her (at least what I can share on the Blog):
She’s a super fast learner. Loyal and direct- she’s not about gossiping or bu##sh*t. She’s got a great sense of humor. A wine connoisseur.  She has a great memory, and cannot stand the color pink.

Jessi diligently writing notes

When I have done training with her she has never hesitated once to ask me to check a lock or question my actions (sometimes as part of training I purposefully forget to do something to see what my trainee will do). Never. Very few people have always spoken up. Speaking truth to power is a mighty respectable trait!

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  1. Hooray Jessi, way to be awesome!

    Posted by Leslie
  2. I am very proud of my little girl.

    Posted by Cherie

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by , Keeper
I have been working at the museum since 2003, and I feel fortunate to have a job where I can start my day with amazing animals surrounding me. I enjoy camping, hiking and rock climbing in my spare time when the weather is nice.
I work Tuesday through Saturday and spend a lot of time behind the scenes, but you might find me at a public program or feeding the farmyard animals in the afternoon.

QuikPost: Ah, that refreshing watermelon

July 27th, 2012

Only 7 days away from National Watermelon Day! Personally, I’m glad there is a day for everyone to celebrate watermelon. I think it is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat on a hot summer day. Many of our animals seem to find it refreshing (or at least enjoyable), as well.

Check out the video below of some of our indoor animals (and maybe even a keeper) enjoying some yummy watermelon. And don’t worry, Sherry, I put the keeper up to these shenanigans. She doesn’t always steal the animals’ watermelon!;)

Make sure to visit the museum next Friday, August 3rd so that you can see our animals in action as they gobble down some juicy and delightful watermelons at many of the keeper programs that will be held that day.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Awesome video! Makes me want some yummy watermelon. Good job Marilyn!

    Posted by Ranger Ro
  2. Keeper Comment :

    Thanks Ro.;)

    Posted by Marilyn Johnson
  3. MJ- just sprinkle a little mealworm dust over that watermelon to keep the keepers from stealing it. :)

    Posted by Kristen
  4. Director Comment :

    How the heck to Jessi not get watermelon juice on her shirt?

    Posted by Sherry Samuels
  5. hahahahah that was fantastic!

    Posted by Kimberly
  6. Keeper Comment :

    Very true, Kristen!;) And Sherry, Jessi said she actually did have the juice all over her face and clothes but the camera hid it well. Fortunately we shot the video at the end of the day so she didn’t have to go outside much after that.

    Posted by Marilyn Johnson

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