Cozy Up with Super Soft Alpaca Blankets and Gloves

With weather like this, everyone is looking for a way to keep warm!  Come by Elements and cozy up to some warm Alpaca blankets and gloves.  Alpaca wool is known for being warmer than sheep’s wool and less prickly too.  Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca wool has no lanolin which makes it naturally hypoallergenic.

Our blankets and gloves come directly from Peru where they are handmade by local fair trade artisans.  Each one is different, so you’ll have a one of a kind work of art.  With a nice warm alpaca blanket and gloves from Elements and a cup of our coffee bar’s piping hot coffee in your hands, you can withstand even the coldest winter weather!


Bringing Imagination Back to Play

Wouldn’t it be nice to give the kids toys that captured their imagination longer than the time it takes to get them out of the packaging? At Elements, we have some suggestions for just that kind of toy.

Is your little princess looking for inspiration? What about giving her GoldieBlox? Designed by a female engineer to appeal specifically to young girls, Goldieblox encourages a child’s natural desire to solve problems and teaches basic engineering concepts. It’s fun to be a princess, but she doesn’t have to wait for Prince Charming. Sometimes it’s great to be the princess that rescues herself!

And what about those other toys? Well, after they’ve lost their appeal, the kids can make the boxes they came in into something amazing! Using reusable Make-Do connectors, kids can cut and connect all kinds of leftover materials to create anything they can imagine. If you came to our Colossal Cardboard Challenge this fall you will have seen that the sky is the limit to what you can create. The best gift this year may be the one your child makes for himself!

For more cardboard inspiration, check out these awesome links we used for Cardboard Challenge:

Give the gift of family memories: Evenings spent discovering the night sky

Holiday shopping is not for the faint of heart.  Parking is a nightmare, lines are long, and your list is at least a mile long.  And after all of that, doesn’t it seem that every store has the same products?  We think so too.  So this year, why not do things a little differently?  Elements museum store and coffee bar offers a twist on the traditional museum store, featuring products hand-picked by Museum staff to encourage curiosity, wonder and exploration as well as a full service coffee bar with locally roasted, organic Joe Van Gogh coffee.

Looking for some quality family time? How about an evening spent exploring the stars with one of our Orion telescopes.  Called one of the “best beginner telescopes you can buy” our SkyQuest model features a  large 6” aperture perfect for viewing the moon as well as deep-sky explorations of galaxies and star clusters. Our favorite part? The simple navigation makes this telescope extremely easy for the entire family to use!  No room in the trunk to stash one this visit? We can drop ship an Orion telescope right to your door.

So this year, forgo the socks. Give the gift of family memories, evenings spent discovering the night sky. Who knows, you might even awaken your own inner Galileo!

-Your Friends at Elements

PS: Torn over what to choose? Ask about an Elements gift card and leave the hardest part up to them!